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Social Media plays an important role in marketing. Facebook and Twitter especially can be great places to promote causes. I’ve found a lot of social justice promotions on both of these sites.

For example, The Ball State chapter of International Justice Mission has a Facebook page that members and others can “like” to stay up-to-date about what’s going on with our chapter. You can find that page here: https://www.facebook.com/BallStateIJM?fref=ts.

The actual organization International Justice Organization also has its own Facebook page that you can “like” here: https://www.facebook.com/InternationalJusticeMission?fref=ts. On this page, you can see promotional videos about why it’s important to support this cause. You can see what is going on around the world as far as human trafficking and what IJM is doing to fight it.

There are also social justice organizations that have their own Twitter profiles. One example is End It Movement. You can see its profile here: https://twitter.com/enditmovement. They tweet about different things you can do to fight human trafficking. I’ve signed a few petitions that I found because I follow this twitter profile. This is also how I learned about the red X day that End It Movement did.

Another cool thing about promotions on twitter is hash tags. If you hash tag something on Twitter, it becomes a link. You can click on it to see a list of all the tweets with the same hash tag. If a hash tag gets tweeted enough, it becomes a trend. There is also a hash tag #enditmovement. You can see all the tweets that contain this hash tag here: https://twitter.com/search?q=%23enditmovement&src=hash.

Another form of social media that can market social causes are blogs such as this one that I am writing. I’m not the only one writing about this topic. I searched for other blogs about social justice on WordPress, and have found some pretty neat blogs. You can see a list of more blogs on this topic here: http://wordpress.com/#!/read/topic/social-justice/.