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A common way that social justice organizations gain awareness for human justice and social causes is through Guerilla Marketing. Guerilla Marketing is a unique form of marketing. I can be described as unconventional, innovative, low-cost marketing techniques designed to get attention in unusual ways. Sometimes these kinds of tactics are the best way to get people to see the needs of their fellow human beings and want to do something about it.

Below are some neat examples of building awareness for human trafficking and violence by using Guerilla Marketing techniques.

Amnesty-Human-Trafficking-Ad Guerrilla-Marketing-Missing-Persons-Awerness-Wall suitcases_15 IMG_17451

As you can see, this type of marketing gets attention from people by shocking them with things that they don’t expect to see.

One of my favorite awareness raising campaigns was for End It Movement. They use red X’s to build awareness for ending human trafficking. BIuXumkCUAAk_y_ BIz-qFrCUAAbI8E

On April 9, 2013, End It Movement encouraged all of its supporters to draw a red X on their hands. The idea was that others would see all the X’s and ask what they meant, and this would build awareness of human trafficking and more people would desire to end it.


Even celebrities joined in on the campaign. Carrie Underwood tweeted this picture of her and her husband:


Guerilla Marketing is even used for social justice here on campus. Students stood at the scramble light in a cage and chains to build awareness for human trafficking.


As you can see, Guerilla Marketing comes in very handy in awareness raising campaigns for social justice organizations. Guerilla Marketing has been a great way to capture attention and shock people about things that go on in our messed up world as well as teaching people how to make a difference in putting an end to these issues.