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What are a few social justice organizations and what do they do? Are there any that you’re familiar with or that you support? A few that come to mind for me are International Justice Mission, the Boys and Girls Club, Hands of Hope, and World Vision. These organizations focus on different things: ending slavery, before and after school care for underprivileged children, education justice, and supporting care givers to AIDS patients in Africa.


Now I know that this isn’t always true, but I have noticed that a lot of Human Rights and social justice organizations are christian organizations. The bible talks A LOT about social justice and human rights, helping the widow, the orphan, and the marginalized. I think this is why it’s easy for organizations to be based on these values. Therefore, I believe the target market for these organizations would be people who are christians and share the same values of the organization. Of course, this doesn’t mean that they only want christian supporters. There may be people who share human rights values for other reasons.

Now when I say target market, I am not speaking about “customers” that you would normally think about for a business. I mean that organizations look for supporters, and people to get involved with the work they’re doing. This is important, because the people that are actually benefiting from these organizations are people who can’t defend themselves, who maybe can’t even ask for help, especially in the cases of freeing slaves.

I think another thing that social justice organizations try to do in terms of marketing is advertising. They do a lot of events to try to raise awareness for what they are doing. For example, a lot of people don’t know that slavery still exists or what people in poverty go through. For that reason, it’s important for these organizations to raise awareness sometimes in order to gain supporters.

Here is an example of something that would be used to raise awareness. This is a fact sheet flier on sex trafficking: Factsheet-Sex-Trafficking. This is a form of marketing used by International Justice Mission.

Do you support any social justice organizations? What kind of marketing made you want to get involved with that organization? Have you noticed any kind of awareness raising or adversing events going on around you for non-profits? What were your reactions to that?